Deliberate attempt of turning Pakistan Postal Services & NHA into a failure.


Corruption, misappropriation worth billions of rupees by Maulana’s son and selected officers on deputation to Pakistan Postal Services, Communications Division, NHA to be public soon

ISLAMABAD (Rana Tassaddaq Hussain) :  Reliable sources within the law enforcement and anti corruption have revealed that few elements within Pakistan Postal Services, Communication Division and NHA are determined to convert success stories like Pakistan postal services, national highways authority and motorways police into a complete failure through insensible and ill conceived decisions procured from Maulana’s illiterate and inexperienced son and his hand picked selected team of bureaucrats holding top lucrative portfolios of such entities.

Team of chosen religious personalities including maulvi Ibrar, maulvi Tariq supported by Mubashar and Zeeshan have put almost all the portfolios of Postal Services, Communications and NHA on sale. Heavy payments in lieu of prized portfolios are received by the above titled and thereafter moved to Asad Mahmood’s given accounts.

Maulana’s son-in-law bulldozing all Rules and laid down Sop’s has been given a petrol Station right next to the (functional) Shell Petrol Station on Siri Nagar (Kashmir Highway) adjacent to MacDonald’s.

Similarly close aides of Maulana are proactively engaged to manipulate postal franchises and NHA land at prime locations with an objective of making billions within few days but their entire activities are being watched and will be made public soon.

NHA is an autonomous body, a service provider established through an act of Parliament in 1991 responsible for construction, operation and management of national roads, courtesy Khurram Agha current NHA Chief, the department has been deprived of Rs. 120 billion without caring about devastating flood, rain damage (money meant for roads) on the basis of an I’ll conceived, wrong perception that NHA is a public limited company in financial year 2021 thanks to the least bothered Khurram Agha, the worst and the most incompetent chief in the history of NHA with the support of his five cronies (bureaucrats) namely Zahir Shah of PAS, Mazhar Hussain Shah and Shakil Anwar of Inland revenue, Tayyab and kaisrani of paas are alleged to be directly involved in all wrongdoings happening in the said office.

Surprisingly a grade 19 blue eyed junior most officer has been posted on the senior most officer of finance, namely Allah Dad Khan which is enough to explain their conduct.

Reliable sources have vowed to release there corruption with strong proofs including photographic evidence of money making and heavy losses incurred by the above titled and earlier deputationists including Usman Akhtar Bajwa, Ali Sher Mahsud, Nazar Muhammad Bozdar by next week

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