Corruption Masters Have The Support Of The Minister


The facts about corruption mafia in Pakistan post are very interesting but scary as well. Last year in February 2022, a corruption master officer, Zulfiqar Hasnain, was summoned before the investigation committee in connection with the investigation of his corruption of crores of rupees, but he did not appear before the investigation committee.

It Shows that Mr. Zulfiqar Hasnain is enjoying the endless support and strong shelter of the ministry of communication and secretary of communication.

He is so dear to federal minister Asad Mahmood and secretary of communication Khurram Agha that despite being a 19th grade officer, he is having a 20th grade officer residency. Secretary Communications want to see him on seat in Islamabad, simultaneously despite his posting in Multan.

Federal Secretary Khurram Agha has made more than twenty calls to the Establishment Division for the transfer of this corruption master to Islamabad.

In this regard, we have the right to ask some questions.

  1. Can an officer be allotted a grade 20 government house when he is in grade 19 and that too in such a situation that the officer’s name is not at the top of the list of officers made for government houses?
  2. At the time of allotment of the government house, do not the officers give an affidavit that he or his begum does not have any house in the government house city? But above this law, this corruption master officer lied even here, even though his wife Amara Hasnain owns a one Kanal house number 237 in Pakistan Town Phase 1 Main Road.
  3. The third illegality that this corrupt person has done in the allotment of his government house with the help of the minister is that his posting is in Multan and he was brought to the government house in Islamabad. This corrupt person has used the minister’s office to get the same house which was allotted to another helpless grade base officer

We are committed that we will continue to raise our voice against this caption mafia until we bring it to justice. And hope that very soon these people will get legal punishment

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Huge corruption in Pakistan Post By Puppets of Federal Minister

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