Huge corruption in Pakistan Post By The Minister’s Puppets


Last month, around 2300 recruitments were made in Pakistan Post. But the close friend of Federal Minister of Communications Asad Mehmood, the federal secretary and other corruption expert officers like Zulfiqar Hasnain have committed the worst corruption of billions of rupees by accepting bribes in these recruitments.

In this regard, a special investigation is required by NAB and FIA against Mubashar Bukhari, secretary of Federal Minister of Communications Asad Mahmood, in charge of Multan Division Zafar Hussain and Federal Secretary of Communications Khurram Agha. For this purpose, the Secretary Communication had posted the corruption expert officers at important positions in violation of the departmental constitution and regulations.

Zulfiqar Hussain, a controversial post office officer of grade nineteen, is being posted as joint secretary in grade twenty when the current government’s term ends. This corruption master, Zulfiqar Hasnain is in fact exempted from law and rules and regulations, so he has obtained a government house of grade 20 in Islamabad while he is in grade 19 for himself outside the law by using the minister’s office.

A corrupt person like Zulfiqar Hasnain is being appointed to an important position, who is the epitome of corruption. Even in 2018, this person received huge sums of money through corruption in recruitment while being a close special officer of the federal minister.

Zulfiqar Hasnain is the very special servant of the Minister of Communications Asad Mahmood and the coordinator of post office recruitment. They have looted billions of rupees in connection with recruitment in Pakistan Post. Zulfiqar Hasnain has started looting the post office using the name of Asad Mahmood. They started the recruitment process in the post office for corruption only. For which the honest officers of the department were transferred out of this department with the help of Mufti Asad Mahmood and Federal Secretary.

Among them, Khawaja Imran Raza Anwar ul Malik, Zaheer Ullah Khattak, Abdul Sattar Khattak and former Director General Khalid Javed Sahib are worth mentioning. Its very strange that Zulfiqar Hasnain holds the charges of more than one position. And in this corruption game , other corrupt officers like his colleague Nisar Muhammad Khan are also given multiple charges at the same time

Investigating agencies like FIA ​​and NAB have a duty to investigate the matters strictly. And this group of looting national wealth should be brought to court and punish

(By : Rana Tassaddaq Hussain)

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